Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Class Discussion: Papa Johns

Hello class,

During class on Monday there was an open discussion when I mentioned an employee treating a customer differently based on their race. This feeds to the concept of an author who wrote that there were four kinds of racism. The story goes like this. Minhee Cho was labeled 'Lady Chinky Eyes' on a receipt while waiting  for her food on Friday at a Papa Johns in New York City. A Papa Johns spokesperson said they have fired the employee responsible, after the incident went viral via twitter. For more information, an article named Papa John's Employee Calls Women 'Lady Chinky Eyes' on Receipt describes the incident in more detail.

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  1. Wow. To think that we have come a looooooooooong way. It just makes you think what possesses someone to actually type that in is just amazing. To actually have the guts and know that other people will see this is crazy.